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Sep 11 : Inter-Divisional Games

Mike Figliola has submitted photos taken at the the First Inter-Divisional Games on July 29th. see more »

Aug 25 : Teams Photos

Team photos have been posted ...see more »

Aug 8 : Heart Issues

Last call from Peter Barrett for volunteers. If you can help then please sign up. ...see more »

Aug 7 : Passing of Brigid Dilworth

Sadly, Brigid wife of club member Peter Dilworth passed away suddenly last Friday. Service details are availble here ...see more »

Jul 9 : Upcoming Events

The Inter-Divisional Games followed by a Pub Daze at Barque on Jul 29th. Ask your convener for details. Also, the Annual Rowly Bowl Tournament is on Aug 5th. Sign up now ... see more »

Jul 9 : Minutes to the June Exec Meeting

Now available ... see more »

Jun 10 : Tribute to Imants

The Annual Tribute to Imants Krumins was held on Jun 9th... see more »

Jun 10 : Dewar Pub Run

The Committee wants to thank club members who came out.... see more »


Check out the member service provided by Claire Flynn, Interior Design Consultant... see more »

Jun 7 : Minutes to the May Exec Meeting

Now available ... see more »

May 15 : Minutes to the Apr Exec Meeting

Now available ... see more »

Apr 16 : Women's Canada vs Germany

Tickets and bus ride available for game in Hamilton on June 10th... see more »

Apr 6 : Games Night / Uniform Pickup

Come out on April 12 to the Boston Manor for an evening of Games and meet your team mates... see more »

Apr 6 : Minutes to the Mar Exec Meeting

Now available ... see more »

Apr 5 : Changes to Calendar of Events

A number of changes have been made to the Calendar of Events with respect to the Season Starts. Please review. see more »

Mar 23 : Past Member John Halsey

Long time member John Halsey passed away on Monday Mar 21, 2018. see more »

Mar 13 : The BOTSC Forum is Back

After a 28 day lapse the Forum is now up and running. see more »

Mar 8 : Photos from the Draft

Kurt Huber has submitted some photos he took at the BOTSC Draft on Feb 24th. see more »

Mar 5 : Minutes to the Feb Exec Meeting

Now available ... see more »

Feb 16 : Annual Teams Draft

At BARQUE on Sat Feb 24th ... see more »

Feb 6 : Minutes to the Jan Exec Meeting

Now available ... see more »

Jan 8 : Minutes to the Dec Exec Meeting

Now available ... see more »

Jan 8 : Locations for Registration Dates

Have been picked. Come out and register, meet old friends, have a good time. see more »

Jan 2 : Registration for the 2018 Season

Online registration for the 2018 Outdoor Playing Season is now open. see more »

Jan 2 : 2018 FIFA World Cup Pool

Open to all current and past members of the BOTSC. see more »

Dec 7 : Minutes to the Nov Exec Meeting

Now available ... see more »

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