The Burlington Old Timers Soccer Club is an old timers (Over 45 and Over 55 Divisions) recreational soccer club established in 1985.
Through an annual draft system we have developed a tantalizing mix of fitness, fun, high spirits and great soccer play.
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  • Jul 29 : Winter Indoor - Friday Evenings or Saturday Mornings.
    We need input on how many are interested and which venue you would prefer. see more>
  • Jul 29 : 2nd NOBS vs BOTS Game set for Aug 23rd
    This time it's RUBGY see more>
  • Jul 20 : Toronto Wolfpack Rugby Team vs Newcastle Thunder
    Watch the Toronto Wolfpack Rugby Team play against Newcastle Thunder on August 19 see more>
  • Jul 18 : Executive Meeting Minutes
    Minutes have been posted for May and June. see more>
  • Jul 18 : Annual Rowly Bowl Tournament
    Sunday August 6th at Iroquois Park. see more>
  • Jul 13 : 2nd Pubdaze of 2017
    The 2nd Pubdaze of 2017 will take place Sunday Jul 30th at Squires. see more>
  • Jun 21 : 1st Pubdaze of 2017
    The 1st Pubdaze of 2017 will take place Sunday Jun 25th at Squires. see more>
  • Jun 21 : Annual Golf Tournament
    The Golf Tournament is set for July 22nd. see more>
  • Jun 03 : A Note from David Hamon
    Read the update from David about the Ken Bradwell Soccer Tournament. see more>
  • Jun 02 : Game Photos by Kurt Huber
    Kurt took some photos of the O55 at Milcroft on May 21st and Iroquois on the 28th. see more>
  • May 22 : Sign Up for NOBS vs BOTS
    Interested in playing the NOBS? see more>
  • Apr 17 : Photos and Winners from Games Night
    Now available. see more>
  • Apr 17 : Minutes to April Exec Meeting
    Now available on the website. see more>
  • Apr 10 : Walking Soccer
    Now extended until July. see more>
  • Apr 6 : Good Friday Tournament Apr 14th.
    The teams have been selected and the schedule set see more>
  • Apr 5 : Schedule for Apr 23rd Games Revised.
    Please note that all games on April 23rd are played at City View. see more>
  • Apr 5 : Minutes to March Meeting Posted.
    Now available on the website. see more>
  • Mar 25 : Pre-Season Pick Up at Sherwood Domes.
    Some Pre-Season Indoors Soccer at the Sherwood Domes on Friday Evenings are being arranged. see more>
  • Mar 23 : Good Friday at the Sherwood Domes.
    There will be an Over 55 Indoor Tournament at the Sherwood Domes on Good Friday April 14th see more>
  • Mar 9 : Minutes to BOTSC Executive Meetings.
    Now available on the website. see more>
  • Mar 9 : Games Night / Uniform Day
    Will be combined this year at the Boston Manor on Thursday April 13th see more>
  • Mar 6 : Teams and Game Schedule now posted.
    To view click on the appropriate menu item below.
  • Feb 13 : Annual Team Draft
    The Draft will take place on Sat March 4th. see more>
  • Feb 12 : Walking Soccer
    The Winter Indoor Walking Soccer has be extended thru to Mid April. see more>
  • Jan 11 : Walking Soccer YouTube Video
    Watch Club Members playing their first walking soccer match. see more>
  • Jan 9 : AGM Minutes and Survey Findings
    review the Results of the Annual General Meeting held on Sunday Nov 12th at the Black Bull and Findings from the 2016 Membership Survey. see more>
  • Jan 2 : Boxing Day / New Year's Day Photos
    Check out the photossee more>
  • Jan 3 : 2017 Registration
    The dates for registration have been set. see more>
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