The Guard Key Fobs

Generously Donated by James Coates

An email from John Guilfoyle :

Hi Marino,

You will remember that at the AGM, Jim Coates donated the Guard key fobs containing aspirin. As i mentioned, I had occasion to use it recently.

Two weeks ago at the Six Nations games, one of my team mates complained he was not feeling well, felt as if he was going to faint, a tightness in his chest, etc.

I moved him away from the crowd at the Slye Fox and called 911. I gave the information to the dispatcher and they sent an ambulance and a fire truck. As I was waiting, the dispatcher asked if I could give my friend some aspirin. Jim Coates to the rescue!

The EMS arrived quickly and started working on him. I told them that I had given him aspirin, all three EMTs commented that I had aspirin so readily to hand and I told them about Jim's donation.

My friend was transported to Joe Brant and spent eight hours in Emerge. They have not yet diagnosed him, and he will be taking an echocardiogram this week. He was back at the next Six Nations games on Saturday.

I have replaced the aspirin in the container ...

Please pass on to Jim our thanks, and maybe circulate this to the membership.

John Guilfoyle.

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