Annual BOTSC Golf Tournament

Saturday, September 9th, 2023

Note: Room for 3 more golfers. If interested send a note to the event coordinator .
Tee Time - Name # Names of Additional Players Awards Notes
10:00 John Guilfoyle 3 Hans Rattman, Richard Aiken Yes
10:10 Bill Hom 3 Eduard Geier, Mark Prescott Yes
10:20 Kevin Andrews 3 Jamie MacIntyre, Stan Hinsperber Yes Will be donating some golf balls as prizes
10:30 Brian McLaughlin 4 Pete and Andy McLaughlin , Peter Viti Yes
10:40 Chris Lynch 4 Murray DePape. James McGrath, Ian McRorie Yes
10:50 Mark Bellino 4 Dom Longo, Mario Di Nicolantonio, Nino Marinucci No Golf Only
11:00 Robert Todd 4 Scott Mason, Rob Lloyd, plus 1 more Yes
11:10 Mike Marsden 4 Jeff Smith, Leigh Pinder, Craig Hughes Yes Craig Hughes Golf Only
Total taking part = 29 , Total Fee = $2775 , Fee Collected = $2675
Note: If you need to make a correction, send a note to