Pick Up Games

Sunday, July 2nd, 2023
Time 10:00 am - 12:00 noon ( but be there by 9:45 am )
Name Will Play
Mike Stevenson Yes
Keith Bates Yes
Rob MacDonald Yes
Reza Kazemi Yes
Paul Dubal Yes
Randy Nelson Yes
Wally Rozenberg Yes
Tony Cristina Yes
Robert Dean Yes
Matthew Chu Yes
Brian McLaughlin Yes
Cid Pietrantonio Yes
George Cosovic Yes
Calvin Kafka Yes
Herman Schut Yes
Bill Hom Yes
Allan Manson Yes
Mitch Masters Yes
Robert Liang Yes
Pedro Luiz Colaneri dos Reis Yes
Mark Palowich Yes
Martin Wilson Yes
Angelo Engonidis Yes
Scott Mason Yes
Jim Sami Yes
Thomas Haller Yes
Reza Mahabadi Yes
John Harwood Yes
Mark Bellino Yes
Gerard Kelly Yes
Rick Mignano Yes
Craig Miller Yes
Peter Barrett Yes
Richard Sumner Yes
Tony Naghten Yes
David Miller Yes
Jeff Pearson Yes
Marino Casciani Yes
Totals 38
Note: If you need to make a correction, send a note to