The 39th Annual BOTSC Teams Draft

Saturday Feb 11th, 2023
The Draft for the B Division will start at 11 am.
The Draft for the A Division will start at 12:30pm

Club Members will be able to watch the proceedings from the comfort of the bar.

A Division - Team Names and Conveners

Air Solutions Badgers

Mike Marsden
Wade Beattie
Black Bull Pacers

Gerard Kelly
Robert Todd

Simon Tinker
Squires True Blues

Martin Wilson

Rick Moretuzzo
James Smith
Piper Arms Imperials

Geoffrey Sookram

B Division - Team Names and Conveners

Longos Liverpool

Jeff Pearson
Frank Mascitelli
Black Bull Celtic

Brian McLaughlin
Squires Everton

Mike Shaw

Alex Boyd
Adrian Caulcutt

Michael Figliola
Marino Casciani
Piper Arms AC Milan

Frank Rosati