Player Replacement Procedures

Any player who gets injured during the season and feels that he cannot continue playing, will be replaced with a player of comparable playing level.

The following procedures then apply:

a) The Player reports to convener that he cannot continue playing:

  1. The Player gets injured and notifies team convener about being unable to continue playing.
  2. The Convener ensures that the player is serious about retiring.

b) The Convener , at time of player request, retires the player as follows:

  1. Obtains the uniform from player
  2. Advises the retiring player to contact the club treasurer to determine if fees are refundable. Player can receive a full refund before the first four games of the season are completed. No refund is available after the first four games have been completed.
  3. Contacts the registrar to request a replacement player of comparable grade.
  4. Removes the retiring player from the attendance sheet and game sheets.

c) The Registrar , upon notice from convener, arranges for a replacement player as follows:

  1. Supplies the convener with the phone number of the first comparably graded player on the waiting list who is willing to play.
  2. Supplies the replacement player with the phone number of the convener and advises him to contact the convener for next game time.
  3. Directs the new player for registration requirements and payment of fee.
    Note : Until age is checked, BOTSC forms are completed and the fee paid, the new player is not eligible to play. .

d) The Registrar will register the player as follows:

  1. Verifies the date of birth of the new player against a current piece of photo identification such as a driver's licence.
  2. Has the new player sign a BOTSC registration form and adds BOTSC form to club records.
  3. Takes the player's picture and adds it to club records
  4. Accepts the cheque for the full amount of annual registration fee

e) The Convener, after contacting the player, inducts the new player into the team as follows:

  1. Verifies that the player has registered and paid.
  2. Adds the new player to the attendance roster and team sheets, notifying the referee if necessary.
  3. Hands over the uniform to the new player and introduces him to the team.

Notes :

  1. Players retiring from active playing during a season due to injury are placed at the top of the waiting list during that season. However, players cannot retire from active playing with the intention of avoiding the transfer procedures set out in BY-LAW 4.
  2. Players who retire during a season due to injury are eligible to register for the following year.
  3. Replacement Players are also eligible to register the following year except if doing so will cause the registration quota to be exceeded. When registration quotas are exceeded, such players will remain at the top of the club waiting list.