Application for Club Membership

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Terms and Conditions

The Burlington Old Timers Soccer Club includes both an Over 45 Division and an Over 60 Division that play on Sunday Mornings. If you are over 60 you can still play in the Over 45 Division. We also have a Masters Group (55 and over) who play pickup soccer on Thursday Mornings between 10 AM and 12 Noon. You can play both Sundays and Thursdays.

When you apply for membership in the BOTSC by completing this form you will be placed on the waiting list until a space becomes available. This is an application only and does not grant any rights or entitlements to membership in the club. However you may be called upon at any time.

In addition, you can attend any game at Iroquois Park (Sunday Morning between 9 AM and 1 PM from May 1 to Mid October) as a spectator. The BOTSC assumes no liability or claims no responsibility for any injuries or false expectations accruing from attendance.

For more information you can email the Registrar at