International Games - Sunday, October 15th, 2023

Note: The fee to play is $10, payable to the Team Convener

Team Signup Form

  • Must be a registered member of the BOTSC to participate.
  • 4 teams per age group ( England, Scotland, Canada and Rest of World )
  • Must have genuine (more or less) country ancestry i.e. you must be English to play for England and Scottish to play for Scotland
  • At most 18 players per team
  • You can only sign up for one team and you must have played in the B Division or be 60 or older in 2023 to play in the Over 60 Group.
  • All games at Norton Park on Turf fields and Yes, there will be referees.
  • Note: Piper Arms will host all players in both groups with some light appetizers after the O60 Games at 1:30ish and after the O45 Games at 3:30ish pm.