2019 International Games - Sun Oct 20th

Team Signup Form

  • 4 teams per age group (England, Scotland, Canada and Rest of the World)
  • Must have genuine country ancestry i.e. you must be English to play for England and Scottish to play for Scotland
  • No entry fee. May play in both age groups (if over 55).
  • Note: If playing in both groups please submit 2 entries.
  • All games at Norton Fields F1 and F2 and Yes, there will be referees.
  • Over 55s to arrive by 8:45am for 9am start. Lunch at 11am, finish at 1pm.
  • Over 45s to arrive by 10:45am for 11am start. Lunch at noon, finish at 3pm.
  • All games are 50 minutes, 25 minutes per half, 5 minute break at half-time
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