BOTSC Annual Registration and Team Draft

The Burlington Old Timers Soccer Club is a club for over .....well lets say we're all beyond the age where we dream of playing for money, and are now content with playing for the shear fun of running around a field every Sunday, chasing a ball.

Throughout this site you will see our Mascot - Lester. He has been with us since the Club was formed in 1985. Lester shows up at all of the Club functions and helps to remind us that the Club is based upon the principle that "The Game" is played for fun and friendship.

The season starts off with the annual Open Registration in January of each year. Registration is primarily on line, but we do offer a one day "In Person" Registration at one of our local Pub Sponsors. All members from the previous year who are in good standing with the club and club applicants who are on our Waiting List can register for the upcoming season. After this open registration period is over, registration is by invitation only.

The Club Registrar is responsible for coordinating both the registration of members and the teams draft that follows.

The Teams Draft is normally done in mid-February at one of the Pub Sponsors location. Prior to the Draft, all registered players are graded and their prefered playing positions identified. The Team Conveners are isolated in a separate room and the draft picks are broadcast live on the Pub Screens. The goal of the draft is to have evenly balanced teams. Club members can attend and view the proceeding from the comfort of the bar.

Click on any of the following images to view photos from the Feb 26, 2018 Draft.