Annual Awards Banquet

The annual Awards Banquet to many is the highlight of the year. It is here that all club members gather for an evening of dinner, dance, and presentations of awards. Awards include:

  • Club Championship Trophies for winners and runners up of the club championship tournament.
  • Wooden Spoon Trophy awarded to the team who placed last in the club championship tournament.
  • President's Award, for the person deemed by the club president to have had the greatest influence on the club's operation over the year
  • The Lucien Jooris Sportsmanship Award was first established in 2016 in memory of Lucien Jooris who was a member of the BOTSC from 1997 to 2015. The award is presented to the indiviudal who most exemplifies the "Sportsman's Spirit of the Club".

The awards are usually to the point, the focus of the evening being more on the social aspects of the teams gathered under one roof (raffles and spot prizes) than the aggrandizing or humiliation of any one team.

You can click on the following links to see photos of the 2016 Banquet and 2022 Awards.