Each correct selection gets you points as follows:

Group winners:

   • 3 points for selecting a group team advancing to the round of 16.
   • 2 bonus points for selecting the group winner,
   • 1 bonus point for selecting the runner up

e.g. if you select Russia as Group A winners and Uruguay as Group A runners up and both advance you get 6 points if Russia are the winners you get 3 bonus points (2 for Russia, 1 for Uruguay), but if Uruguay are the winners you get no bonus points.

Round of 16 winners: 10 points for each correct winning team

Quarter finals: 15 points for each correct winning team

Semis: 25 points for each correct winning team

3rd/4th place: 25 points for correct winner

Cup final: 50 points for correct winner

Maximum points are 337 = 8 x 9 (group) + 8 x 10 (round of 16) + 4 x 15 (QFs) + 2 x 25 (SFs) + 25 (3rd) + 50 (1st)

The top 3 entries share in the prizes in the ratio 70%:20%:10%. A tiebreak question for total goals scored across all 64 matches will be used to separate entries with the same points (note higher goals takes precedence i.e. if 180 goals are scored then 182 is closer than 178, but not 179). If there are multiple exactly the same entries then the prize is shared.

In keeping with our tradition of honouring losers, the worst entry gets their money back.