2018 Season Results

Over 45 Team Spirit Awards

Mike Shaw
Barque True Blues
Rick Magnano
Barque Rangers
Mike Soder
Slye Fox Boys
Scott McBride
Clancy’s Kopites
Gerard Kelly
Squires Rams
Harmet Kamboe
Black Bull Royals

Over 55 Team Spirit Awards

Mike Figliola
Black Bull Wizards
Paul Tyrell
Barque Blues
John Guilfoyle
Squires Celtic
Rob Dean
Slye Fox Rovers
Kurt Huber
Clancy’s Toon Army
Bryan Clarke
Squires Knights

Alex Wylie Awards

Over 45Tony Allen
Over 55Murray De Pape

Lucien Jooris Awards

Over 45Kevin Lawrence
Over 55John Spackman

The Lester Cup

The Barrett Cup

The Over 45 Wooden Spoon

The Over 55 Wooden Spoon