Duties of Executive Officers - 1 Year Term

  • The Social Convener shall be responsible for organizing all social activities of the Club under guidance of the Executive Committee.
  • The Social Convener may establish a Social Committee with the responsibility of scheduling and organizing such activities.
  • Each Team Convener shall be responsible for the selection, operation and control of a recreational Soccer Team comprised of eligible playing members. This includes ensuring all team members get an equal amount of playing time regardless of their grading and who fully understands the Aims and Objectives of the BOTSC (Article 2, a&b)
  • Team conveners are responsible for reporting player absences notified or otherwise on a weekly basis to a designated individual who will maintain a record of each team’s attendance for executive review prior to the following season’s registration.
  • The Communications Coordinator shall be responsible for Club communications such as the Club website.
  • The Disciplinary Committee Chairman shall chair the Disciplinary Committee.
  • The Disciplinary Committee shall maintain a record of all member player offenses and assigned sanctions.
  • The Equipment Manager shall consult with the Team Conveners regarding uniform requirements.
  • The Equipment Manager shall consult with the Team Conveners regarding equipment requirements ( e.g. nets, ties, pegs, stepladders, corner flags, linesman flags, balls, equipment bags).
  • The Equipment Manager shall order uniforms from a supplier approved by the Executive Committee.
  • The Equipment Manager shall ensure that uniforms are available by the scheduled “Uniform Day”.
  • The Referee Coordinator shall be responsible for the scheduling and payment of Referees for all games played by the Club.
  • The Referee Coordinator can be a signing officer for the Club.
  • The Spares Board Coordinator will oversee the Spares Board (Spares List) of actively interested members as potential spares for regular season games.
  • The Spares Board Coordinator shall be responsible for maintaining regular contact with team conveners and players on the Spares Board to coordinate the call up of spare substitute players for regular games.
  • The Spares Board consists of individuals from the Associate Members, Masters Only Members and Club Waiting List candidates who have registered to be on the Spares List.