The Alex Wylie Award

Each year the president awards the Alex Wylie trophy to one or more individuals for their outstanding contributions to the club over the year.
2018 Tony Allen / Murray de Pape Peter Barrett
2017 David Hamon Murray de Pape
2016 Les (Ringo) Takas Murray De Pape
2015 Ian Whittle Murray De Pape
2014 All Wives and Supporters Murray De Pape
2013 James McGrath Fred Reisch
2012 Peter Barrett / John Davies Fred Reisch
2011 Gord Miller Brian McLaughlin
2010 Frank Mascitelli Brian McLaughlin
2009 Lucien Jooris Marino Casciani
2008 James Coates Marino Casciani
2007 Dave and Mary Miehm David Rae
2006 Peter Barrett / James O'Donnell David Rae
2005 Marino Casciani Gord Miller
2004 Ian Muffett Gord Miller
2003 Lorenzo Bertolini Dave Roberts
2002 Archie Taaffe Dave Roberts
2001 Armin Misske Dave Roberts
2000 Herman Vermeiren / Bob Nixon Dave Roberts
1999 Bryan Clarke Neil Ross
1998 Rowly McPherson / Chris Lynch Neil Ross
1997 Jimmy Boyle Don Sawford
1996 Dave Roberts Don Sawford
1995 John Cockburn Neil Fernie
1994 Grant Gifford Neil Fernie
1993 Peter Davies Ed Chomicki
1992 Harry Ayres Ed Chomicki
1991 Neil Fernie John Cockburn
1990 Dave Roughan John Cockburn
1989 Mike Quinn John Regan
1988 Alisdair McKay John Regan
1987 John Cockburn / Don Sawford Wally Cooper
1986 Jack Hyslop Wally Cooper
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