Heart Issues

Note Dated: August 8th, 2018

Last Call for CPR training.

Those of you who are interested in taking the club sponsored CPR training course but have not yet registered still have until next Sunday August 10th to enroll. Please click on the link to the registration form.

Many thanks to those club members who are already certified and have indicated their willingness to be added to the club's CPR trained member list. I'll be in touch.

Peter Barrett, President.

Note: Dated; July 28th, 2018

Dear Club Member,

You may have noticed we haven't had 100% attendance this season from St. John Ambulance. With this in mind the club is organizing a series of CPR training courses for those of you who would like to participate. The skills learned could make a difference to someone close to you, not just your teammates. The cost is $30 p/p but the club will pay 100% of the costs. Classes run for between 4 and 6 hours and can be arranged for daytime, evening or Saturday, please state your preference when registering via this form.

More heart related items:

Most of you have received a key chain with a capsule attached, these are for holding 2 aspirin which can be chewed in the event of heart attack. Jim Coates saw the benefit of these and purchased them for our club members. He has declined any reimbursement and in his words; "It's my way of saying thanks for 25 years of fun and friendship - oh and football"

"Doctor Bob" Turlik has donated 2 defibrillators to the club which we are trying to make sure are at our 2 field locations each Sunday. The logistics of the handover of these life-saving devices between games, and making sure they are at the following week's 9 am. game, are still being ironed out so we may be looking for volunteers to take on this responsibility, and pay it forward.

Big thanks to Bob and Jim.

Good luck in the play-offs guys.

Peter Barrett
Club President

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